sara otto [designer. retoucher. photoshop guru]

Otto Image Services began as a side gig. After graduating from college with a Bachelor's of Science in both Journalism and Art, I took a position with EAA [an aviation association] where I was fortunate to work with an incredibly talented team. I soaked it all up like a sponge... working crazy hours and immersing myself in every aspect of the industry. It wasn't long before I began getting outside requests for design work and started taking on other clients in my spare time. In 1996, I took a "corporate" position running the design department for Menasha Corporation [one of the nation's largest privately-held companies]. This position allowed me to gain experience in managing a staff, overseeing a budget, proposals/presentations and sharpening my business skills. Meanwhile, my own business was outgrowing its part-time status... it was time to take the plunge! In 1999, OTTO IMAGE SERVICES, INC. was born, and I have never looked back, or enjoyed life more. My clients are like family, and most have been with me from the very beginning. These relationships are the most rewarding aspect of my business. We have built them the old-fashioned way, by being incredibly responsive and keeping our promises. There is no substitute for hard work, and we simply do whatever it takes to produce a quality product, on time and within budget. Despite the hectic schedules and insane requests, I love every minute of it!